This is the Calibration code I use to set the offsets for DMP Also Download this library jrowberg/i2cdevlib master/Arduino/MPU6050 I2C device library collection
Firstly, we will see an introduction of MPU6050 such as pinout diagram, pin configuration. Secondly, we will see how to upload the MPU6050 MicroPython library to Raspberry Pi Pico
The GY-521 is based on the MPU6050 sensor that contains both a 3-Axis Gyroscope and a 3-Axis accelerometer. It uses I2C communication protocol and you can read MPU6050 outputs with SCL and SDA pins. Note
Calibrating & Optimising the MPU6050. In this part of the tutorial I will cover how to get the most performance out of the MPU-6050 Accelerometer and Gyroscope module, using the "Motion Apps" library. This library is really amazing as the author reverse engineered how to use the Digital Motion Processor (DMP) integrated within the MPU-6050.
The MPU6050 calibration was made for the specific chip mounted on the prototype (Fig- ure 5A,B). Pitch and roll angles are evaluated using a Kalman filter that combines accelerometric and...